7 Ways to Build a Stronger Bond with Your Dog

Having a new furry friend in your house is a thrilling moment. It can also be overwhelming for those adopting a dog for the first time. Just like human relationships forming a solid bond with a dog based on trust requires a lot of time and effort too. 

As we all know, love naturally develops with time and is not an overnight process. Dogs are man’s best friends, so sharing a bond with them is necessary as you may love your friend but you can only share a bond with your best buddy. 

Here are 7 mind-blowing ways to build a stronger bond with your four-legged buddy.

Be Calm around Your Dog

Every dog has its own personality some may open up on the first day right after you bring them home while some take months. It is important not to force them to play on the very first day instead give them time and space to adjust to the new home and environment. You are likely too excited to play with your dog, and he isn’t feeling comfortable with you.

When they show signs of fear or anything like that don’t take it personally instead give them some time to become familiar with their surroundings. This will improve your first impression of your dog and help you form a stronger bond with him.

Play With Your Dog

When your dog feels comfortable with you, it’s time to engage in some interactive play sessions with him. When selecting a game, consider your dog’s preferences. Some dogs love to play in games that require active physical motions; on the other hand, some are super lazy and prefer to play with toys. It is important to understand your dog’s breed in order to know his likes and dislikes. Take these sessions as an opportunity to get closer to your furry friend and make your bond even stronger.

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Take Your Dog Out to Exercise

Taking your four-legged buddy for a walk outside offers many benefits. It will not only benefit your health, but it will also allow your buddy to explore the neighborhood and meet new friends. 

However, you need to remember some important things like don’t forget to warm up your dog; just like humans they need a proper warm-up for exercises. Choose the exercise according to their breed and nature. Don’t forget to keep your buddy hydrated and stop for water breaks.

On the other hand, dogs may be annoyed sometimes, so it is important to determine whether your dog is ready for a morning walk. This will make the outside experience more enjoyable for him. With these small gestures, you and your buddy will become closer and your friendship will grow stronger.

Chill with Your Dog

Even if you are tired don’t forget to spend time with your buddy. Spending time does not only mean having a proper outdoor sports session but you can also do simple cuddling on the couch while watching Netflix. You can give your little friend a full body or head massage which he will surely going to love. The goal is to spend some quality time with him. 

These quality sessions are important for building trust and love between both of you. Your furry friend will feel secure and comfortable and it make him fall in love with you. With the help of these sessions, your dog will surely be going to wait for you to come home and he will welcome you with an excited hug.

Practice Hand-Feeding

Hand-Feeding simply means feeding your buddy directly with your hands. All types of animals love it when their caretaker feed them with their hands. Dogs also feel the same and become excited when you feed them with your hands. They feel secure and think about you as a provider of nice treats. 

There is also an important benefit of hand-feeding which is it makes training quite easy. While feeding your dog you can take control over him and you can teach him important things. Not only hand-feeding will make him happy but in this way, he will also learn some manners especially if he is a fast eater. So, start feeding your buddy directly with your hands and enjoy his company.

Keep Your Dog Close to You

You should stay with your dog as much as possible in order to build a stronger bond. If you are a housewife you can keep your buddy with you while doing basic house chores or while even cooking breakfast. Even if you are a person with a 9 to 5 job you can still keep him with you whenever you come home and complete your normal routine tasks like watching movies, having dinner, or exercising.

This will help you in understanding your dog’s behavior. Is he looking to go out or is he bored? Your dog will also learn from your actions and will begin to comprehend your signals.

Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Room

Unless there is no special reason then it is highly advisable to have your dog sleep in your bedroom. It is a great way to help your furry friend get familiar with your smell. As for dogs smell is everything. 

On the other hand, letting your dog sleep in your bedroom does not necessarily mean that it may sleep next to you. You can arrange a cozy couch or a small home for him. You can also arrange another bed for him or let him sleep under your bed.  This will help your buddy feel more comfortable with you while also allowing him to spend quality time with you in your room.

Conclusion on Stronger Bond with Your Dog

In conclusion, just like making a new human friend, forming a deep and loving friendship with your new buddy requires time and patience. Remember that your dog has its own personality, so allow it some time to adjust to its new surroundings. When you’re feeling uncertain, stay calm, patient, and understanding. Engaging in playtime with activities your dog likes can help you both become more comfortable.

Exercising together is another great way to a stronger bond. Remember to warm up and select activities that are suitable for your dog’s breed and activity level. It is also important to spend quality time indoors—cuddle on the sofa, give massages, and enjoy simple moments.

Keeping your dog around during your daily activities helps you to get to know each other better. When it’s time to sleep, letting your dog sleep in your room, even if it’s on its own comfy bed, establishes a stronger bond.