German Shepherd and Chihuahua Dog Mix – The Ultimate Guide

german shepherd and chihuahua mix

German Shepherd – Chihuahua Mix: Can They Mate?

Is it possible to breed a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua? Yes, a female German Shepherd can mate with a male Chihuahua, but always with the support of experts because this could arise serious problems due to their size difference.

Cross-breeding Of Dogs And Science

A vast body of researchers suggests that the ‘‘big bang’’ in dogs’ domestication is focused between 12500-15000 years ago. 

However, recent genetic studies show that such an event took place a longer time ago and before our ancestors started to form their first living and working communities as the agricultural ones. This type of communities was already an evidence about 120000 years ago, mainly in Asia and Europe. Genetic traces of the ‘‘New World Dog’’ can be compared with the genetics of more than 100 breeds, proving that our ancestors migrated to other continents, especially from Asia to Europe and from Europe to North and South America. They brought with them different types of dogs and bred them with the local dogs and obviously, this way, they gave life to new types of dogs, with many similarities between them, mainly in behavioral and conformational traits.

Therefore, by comparing the genetics of well-known breeds of herding dogs from different places of the world, surprisingly we can find their proper ancestors.

Moreover, the type of breeding that was based on conformational or behavioral traits mainly during the 20th century resulted to have effect in more than 400 types of dogs, recognizing distinct breeds.

Entering the 21st century, researchers finally start heeding light on how all complicated conditions such as cancer, obesity, or heart diseases can develop to all different breeds of our canine friends -especially to all those upcoming litters of cross-breeds.

By collecting all that necessary information, scientists are trying to identify the main risk factors. This significant step will help reducing all those risk factors by unlocking the genetic codes and providing humans with many benefits for our entire species.

Is it also just another nature’s miracle or a bizarre human need for continuous evolution and perfectionism?

Time will show…

What Are The Origins Of The German Shepherd Dog?

The Phylax society formed in 1891 had an aim to create standardized breeding in Germany. One of its members, Max Von Stephanitz, while attending one of the dog shows of that time, started to believe that the dogs are ideal creatures for working issues. On that show, he observed a dog called Hektor Linksrhein and was so amazed by the animal’s intelligence and loyalty that he made no second thought in purchasing him. Right after, he gave him a new name. He named the dog: Horand Von Grafrath.

The master of Horand Von Grafrath, Max Von Stephanitz, immediately founded the first Society of the German Shepherd. Horand, as a father dog with the passing years and the proper mating helped to bring in life numerous litters and hundreds of puppies, the first exemplars of the German Shepherd breed! 

What Is The German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard?

The very first impression we may have regarding the appearance of a German Shepherd Dog is of a unique, muscled, and powerful breed.

Its skeletal construction appears to be based on ideal proportions relative to the long length of bones and angulations.

At first sight, we can simply admire the intelligence, the symmetric proportions, although the length of the body is not so harmonious with the height at the withers as it appears to be more significant.

Expression and temperament are unique. Also unique is the suitability of any type of work and fits perfectly for any versatile utilities, as a herding, a service, as well as a guard dog. 

The German Shepherd Dogs have a large wedge-shaped head not very proportional to their body. The nose is black and large. The jaws are strong, and they cut like scissors. Their almond eyes are very expressive, sparkling at times like the stars, and you can easily understand their mood from the way they look at you. The always standing erect ears are pulled back when they move or run.

The movement is solid and full of effort, having a slightly smooth trot. The coat can vary from the natural stock coat, to long stock coat, or long hair. 

These fluffy creatures are simply phenomenal!

german shepherd colors

What Are The Colours Of A German Shepherd Dog?

Generally talking about the colors of a GSD, we mainly foxus on the degrees of the black saddle, tan, and gold. The darkish tan (brown) or a rich red to gold or simply shades of gold. Some of the GSDs got proper light grey markings.

However, we also meet blues, albinos, or whites that do not match this breed’s standards.

Do German Shepherd Dogs Have A Good Temperament?

Self-assurance, loyalty, courage, tractability, and ascending ability is the combination of characteristics that make this breed unique.

The German Shepherd dog, in order to be a good companion is very important to be a balanced dog. Moreover, a self-confident dog is more capable to join any protection service and herding utility.

It is a dog full of vitality and enthusiasm and with the proper training sessions can adapt quickly to any environment and defend himself, his owner, his owners’ properties and possessions.

The German Shepherd is a magnificent breed to watch and live with. Socialization has been a must since the early years for this breed. Of course, it is not aggressive on its own, but the huge instinct for protection makes it extremely energetic, a fact that can be fatal if not handled with care and correctly.

In every case, before you decide to start a life with a GSD, think well and twice first. A nice talk with adequate dog trainers will make you understand the temperament of this breed and how you should act and treat them inside and out of your living limits.

This breed loves to be physically near you, and as most of the dog breeds, loves to be cuddled.

If you have a family with small babies, then in every case, it is good to give space to interaction only if your GSD is already socialized and with ‘‘good manners’’.

Personalities in dogs as in humans can vary, but in every case, it is better to keep closer to your kids, the females of this breed, than the male ones.

german shepherd breed info
Credits and rights to Artem Ivanchenchko.

What Is A German Shepherd Dog’s Standard Size?

When it comes on discussion the standard breed type of a dog, it is of great importance to define the standard size for each breed. In fact is essential to know how to measure a dog.

Height should be measured vertically, plumping from the ground to top withers and directly behind the ulna joint. 

For male GSD, the standard height at withers is defined to 60-65cm and weight to 30-40kg. Females are slightly smaller in size with height at withers at 56-60cm and weight 20-30kg. Each centimeter describes a different size from small to under medium, medium, above medium, and large. Any other size can be defined as a fault.

Excess of the above size and weight standards during exhibitions and dog shows is the main reason for banned dogs and faults.

Health Issues Of A German Shepherd Dog

The GSD can present during its lifetime different weaknesses as:

  • Severe Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Degenerative Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Ear infections
  • Jaw defects
  • Albinism
  • Various Deformities

We can easily open a topic of considerable discussion by focusing on every single weakness of this breed, but this will be shown in a more analytic way, likely in another and more detailed article in the future.


chihuahua breed

History And Facts About Chihuahua

Thesis and opinions about the history of one of the smaller breeds in the world vary, but most of them, have a scientific basis and they give us a lot of food for thought.

This tiny little dog was discovered about one and a half centuries ago in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and from there is how it took its name.

Researchers and breed specialists support that the ancient Aztecs and Incas have developed the breed and admit it had a great religious significance for them. Pictures of tiny Chihuahuas are found on ancient paintings in various locations of Mexico.

Some people also believe that this kind of dog, due to its small size, was easy to transport from the Spanish conquerors in Mexico in the early 1500.

The Toltecs, an ancient tribe who existed in what we call Mexico nowadays, possessed a breed of dog called Techichi. As for them, this breed is the progenitor of what we call Chihuahua today.

The very first examples of the breed are meant to travel abroad and arrived in the early 19th century to the United States of America. The breed became very popular during the 1930s, and 1940’s with the famous Latin Music bandleader Xavier Cugat, who carried a tiny Chihuahua with him during his shows.

Moreover, also the President of Mexico chose an unusual way to introduce this tiny little dog to the public by donating one to the famous Opera singer Adelina Patti! He gave her a small bouquet containing a small chihuahua puppy. 

The Chihuahua dog became very popular when it first appeared in dog shows in late 1890.

What Are The Standards Of The Chihuahua Breed?

Chihuahuas belong to the toy group of dogs.

They have incredibly graceful charm and have a saucy expression. Their temperament is of a classic terriers-like temperament. HOT!

Hence, the body is off-square, slightly longer when measured from the point of shoulder to the point of buttocks than height at the withers. Shorter bodies of this breed are more common in males. Their head is a perfect ‘‘apple’’… Their eyes are small and round, well balanced and sparkling, always depending on color. We can see examples with different colors in both eyes. Their ears are not very proportional with the rest of their head, are slightly bigger, and always erect. Tail is moderately long and almost always with a loop touching their back. Funny, but always more upright when they are alert.

The jaws are lethal weapons! Do not try to abuse them, make them angry; you will understand at once why such behavior is prohibited…

Chihuahuas have different types of coats. More common are those with smooth coats, the short-haired ones. Not uncommon but not so preferred are the ones in a long coat, the long-haired ones.

The movement is firm and gives the impression that gravity has another sense when you see them walking or running!

What Is The Standard Size Of A Chihuahua?

Generally, the Chihuahua dog ranges a height between 15 cm to 23 cm. The length of the body is between 24 cm to 38 cm.

Their normal average weight, if they eat correctly regularly, is between 1.5 kg to 2.8 kg. A dog that weighs more than this standard weight for sure has issues of obesity.

The excess of the standard size and weight is a reason to ban a dog during an exhibition or a dog show.

Standardization is defined in accordance with all Breed Groups and Associations worldwide.

chihuahua for family dog
Credits and rights to Alondra Pavon.

Is Chihuahua Dog A Good Family Pet?

There is a considerable discussion about the adaptability and super-sized personality of this sassy little breed.

It is all about a highly self-confident dog with a significant tendency to bark, very territorial and with a high sense of affection for his beloved ones.

Although it is common sense that this kind of dog offers feistiness for the human that chooses to have him as a pet when this human thinks that the tiny size makes it ideal for children, it’s better to consider some facts more than one time.

Being small and tiny does not mean that you cannot bite when you are frightened or feel threatened!

The ugly truth is that a chihuahua does not care about sizes, ferocity, and to a more significant extent, aggressiveness.

As a vigilant dog, it is essential to be socialized from the earliest stage of life.

Intruders or strangers overpassing the limit of the territory will find themselves in front of a “big” surprise.

 Chihuahuas are clannish, and they prefer companions of the same breed as pets.

They love treats and praises, mostly when those treats come with positive reinforcement during training that in every case requires a lot of consistency and patience.

So, if you want to introduce another breed to your tiny typhoon, think better if this choice is good for him as well…for you.

Puppies, they are not so easily socialized as they are timid, and they usually bond only to one person whom recognize as their own unique master, parent, and friend.

Least but not last, they are excellent watchdogs, very sensitive, and reserved at first sight.

Be aware of the sounds and the movements that you make because they could become unpredictable!

Which Are The Main Colors Of A Chihuahua?

Chocolate, white, blue, or red are the most common colors, but they can come out with a combination of different colors, mostly the long coat ones having as main ones including the fawn, black, and tan, chocolate matched with white.

Despite the big words of breeders who want to define themselves as experts, DO NOT TRUST any other color mixtures different from those above. It’s a trap!

chihuahua weeknesses
Credits and rights to Rachel Coyne.

What Are The Most Common Weaknesses Of A Chihuahua?

Buying your puppy from a responsible breeder will help you to make sure that you will get a healthy pet.

The adequate documentation of both parents of your puppy will clarify everything about the condition of this new member of your family!

The most common mistake breeders or inexperienced owners do, is to breed their dog when it is younger than 2 or 3 years…

The most common weaknesses your pet can get are the following:

  • Pulmonic Stenosis
  • Heart Murmurs
  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Open Fontanel
  • Shivering
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Patellar Luxation

In the nearest future we will speak furthermore on each of the above health complications more accurately and analytically with a different article.

German Shepherd – Chihuahua Mix: Is This a Mission Impossible?

Have you ever thought of the perfect love, and what does this love look like? Or better…What does that love feel like?

How many of us felt not so comfortable, at least once in a lifetime, in front of a taller, bigger, or more muscled partner? Can you imagine the NBA MVP player Yannis Antentonkounbo falling in love with a woman shorter by 50cm? Or let’s be more precise… Can you think of Jonquel Jones, the WNBA MVP falling in love with a dwarf? When the heart speaks, everything is possible in humankind, but this does not work the same with animals.

For all those passionate about German Lager beer and Mexican tacos and burritos, this new breed mix of German Shepherd and Chihuahua will give them a sea of emotions and a hard work to do in order live harmoniously with such a solid temperamental dog.

If you love strong emotions, adventure, and fun, then this mix of breeds is the right one for you!

Can a Chihuahua mate with a German Shepherd dog?

No doubt GSDs and Chihuahuas are two of the most loving and with most fans breeds worldwide.

The ‘‘engagement’’ between these two little ‘‘fury devils” can bring out various types of dogs based on different characteristics… Some of them get the Chihuahua traits, some others the GSDs ones. Most of the time, the appearance of the Mexican Uber Alles friend is of a small to medium size dog.

Of course, no word about mating a male GSD with a female Chihuahua! You can easily understand the reason…

The only option available for such a goal is to give a little help to a male Chihuahua and keep at ease with the efforts of a German Shepherd. Sounds complicated, no? Well, at this point, we will not get into any further details about this! 




As in all different breeds that possibly can mate between them, the result can vary from mix to mix depending on other factors.

Do not forget at this point that we speak about cross breeding and not about a breed that is coming out handling with care every small step of the procedure of its evolution itself.

Usually, this union can give life to puppies that grow to normal dogs with a height from 18 cm to 110 cm and an approximate weight from 3.5 kg to 25 kg.

Does The German Shepherd Chihuahua Dog Mix Have The Right Temperament For A Newbie Dog Owner?

Considering the cross-breeding of these two breeds as a revolution in a new breeding context, the new owner of a dog like this, should be aware of the facts and have an accurate knowledge about their ancestors.

These types of dogs have huge personalities.

Owning a new breed like this one is not just a privilege; it is primarily a responsibility, and by deciding to give space and time in our lives to these little creatures, we need to understand what a commitment a dog’s ownership entails. They depend on us for food, shelter, joy, and in general for having a good living.

Being as intelligent as the GSD Chihuahua mix means you need to be at least as bright as your pet is.

Their ancestors are extremely high intelligence dogs and tend to mimic their owners. So do not think that everything depends on the genes of your dog! Check yours too!

They are dogs  with a unique vitality, and if appropriately trained, can adapt immediately to their family. With the proper interaction of all the members, they may have the best quality time.

This type of cross-breed has the same tendency of vigilance and sense of protection as their parents have. They love to define their territory, and they want you to be a part of it. They are playful, and they become hot if they are not respected by you or others, like dogs of the same or another breed.

Ask always for the advice of an expert trainer or vet doctor for the very first steps of your puppy as well during its growth.

There is no doubt you that you will be capable of making your little friend adapt to your new reality, and vice versa…

What Are The Recommended Health Tests For Your German Shepherd – Chihuahua Mix Dog?

As their ancestors are keen on undesirable health conditions, this upcoming new breed is also vulnerable to various health complications.

In order to avoid any undesirable surprises, prevent and help your little companion, from time to time, make a general checkup mainly focusing on:

  • Cardiac Exam
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation
  • Patella Evaluation

How To Feed A German Shepherd – Chihuahua Dog Mix?

We, animal lovers, love to treat our small friends with the best of food and treats when they do something that we like.

Unfortunately, the sense of firm shape and fitness is missing from our fluffy companions, and quite often, we commit continuous mistakes with their nutritional habits.

Every stage in a dog’s life is essential to be respected and so on to be fed with the highest quality food.

Puppies, Juniors, and Adults are the main categories of a feeding procedure. We avoid giving food to puppies that can be masticated only by adults, even of the same breed.

Size, quantity, and quality of the food are the factors that make a dog grow up healthy.

In this case, the GSD Chihuahua mix is a cross-bred dog and must be very careful at every stage of his growth. 

Genetically both breeds tend towards obesity, affecting our beloved dogs’ vital organs as heart, kidneys, and lungs and worsening conditions like dysplasia.

The amounts of food must be measured in weight, calories, and fat, avoiding in every way to exceed and make them dependents of treats.

In order to offer the best healthy food, we need to keep in mind that this type of mixed breed is hyperactive, and we need to exercise daily. 

How To Groom Your German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

If our dog comes out with a smooth coat line, then an occasional brushing and bathing will be enough for a dapper look.

In the case of a long-haired coat, then at least once a week, you need to brush carefully right to avoid the tangles and mats.

Ears checking and removing of wax is a must for a further good health condition and a good dental care by brushing the tooth regularly and upon the recommendations of your vet doctor is more than a necessity!

german shepherd chihuahua mix training

Is It Important To Train Your German Shepherd – Chihuahua Mix?

German Shepherds and Chihuahuas are both extremely intelligent breeds by nature, different in many characteristics but at the same time very similar in many others.

You can simply imagine the result of mating these two breeds. What kind of an ‘‘Einstein dog’’ comes out!

In order to have a well-balanced dog due to its temperament, it is of the greatest importance to follow a proper training program with a variety of sessions dedicated to different issues.

Since their ‘‘childhood’’, when they are small puppies, it is a MUST to socialize with other dogs and humans. Basically, with human babies so they do not feel them as rivals avoiding this way any probability of excessive jealousy…

It has been a total challenge for this breed since the very early years to get into this kind of training reality for themselves. Both GSDs and Chihuahuas are incredibly possessive and stubborn breeds, and this, if it is taken for normal, can lead to very unpleasant situations.

They pretend the continuous attention of their master; they like to be in strict contact with them as children with parents do.

The work of the trainer is to show to them what the actual limits are, follow the commands, respect the time and space of the others, live harmoniously with the rest of the family members, accept the plurality of the essences, be correct, understand what is right and what is wrong.

  • Especially for families with small children or babies, to the German Shepherd-Chihuahua dog Mix is twice a MUST the early training. Children and babies in the absence of danger can provoke this loyal but at the same time extremely dangerous breed, if not properly trained well.

Conclusion: So, Is the German Shepherd – Chihuahua Mix A Good Idea? (+ TIPS)

  • Choose your GSD Chihuahua mix puppy from a breeder who is an expert, and do not experiment by yourself in breeding such different breeds of dogs.
  • The mix of a German Shepherd Dog and a Chihuahua can be unfriendly toward other dogs and humans. Be sure that you have put in a lot of effort and patience to train them.
  • I prefer a puppy that has both parents with a good temperament and character. An aggressive dog can give birth to a future aggressive puppy—genetic tests on health conditions of parents temperamental factors.
  • A full-time responsible breeder will never sell a puppy of this mix to homes and owners with babies and small children.
  • Make sure that you have enough time to dedicate to this mix of breeds. They need at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise daily.
  • Monitor continuously your dog’s health, groom them, visit your vet every time you need to, even if you think that an issue will be solved by itself.
  • Feed your dog the same accurate way as you feed yourself. If you do not respect yourself, then you cannot be a good owner.
  • Remember that German Shepherds and Chihuahuas are strong personality dogs. Don’tDon’t let them establish the rules. Otherwise, you will find yourself abandoning your comfortable poltroon because your ‘‘alter ego’’ asked you to move. Ground and space rules are a MUST with this mix.
  • Never hesitate to ask for the support of a specialist in training both breeds of this mix. For sure, this person knows more than you know.
  • Special care must be taken in ‘‘cold weather. However, your unique mix can be easily adaptable if your pet has quality time with the beloved ones.

Written By George Tsakalos