Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Is Shrimp Bad or Good For Dogs? (Full Guide)

What Happens If My Dog Eats Shrimp?

Many pet owners wonder whether shrimp is bad or good for dogs and if dogs can eat shrimp without any health issues. As a responsible dog father, I always search for the healthiest food choices for my little ones, and I will always provide all the information I find here.

So, can dogs eat shrimp? Yes, dogs can eat shrimp. It is pretty healthy food for them. Shrimp is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, vitamin B3, iron, zinc, and calcium. Shrimp is a good source of protein and has a low amount of fat. These characteristics are what make shrimp so healthful.


But you have to keep in mind the fact that you can’t feed your dog shrimp randomly. Instead, you need to figure out a proper plan to feed your pet shrimp. Ideally, you want to boil, steam, or cook the shrimp before offering it to your pet.

Cooked shrimp retains all the nutrients, and it can be a delicious treat for dogs of all ages. It’s ok to offer your doggy human foods, but you need to know what they contain and if they are dangerous for your pet in any way. You can easily damage your pet’s health if you don’t see what you are getting into and how to approach this, which is why you need to pay a lot of attention and focus on this type of thing.

Some dogs do have digestive issues, and in those cases, shrimp can be a nuisance. It’s essential to address that situation with a clear mind and understand exactly how to make things better. Talking with the veterinarian will offer a good insight here since he will let you know whether your dog is allergic to shrimp or not. Then you can prepare his meal cautiously and without having to worry about any possible problems.

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Shrimp Nutrients

Shrimp is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins B3 and B12. Another thing to note is that shrimp also delivers a large amount of phosphorus, calcium, and iron. While it also has some protein, the truth is that there are some better protein options out there. These include chicken, fish, beef, or turkey. The benefit, when compared to those, is that shrimp has a low amount of calories and fat. That makes it ideal for pet owners to vary their dog’s diet with something nutritious and healthy.

When Is Shrimp Bad for Dogs?

While shrimp has many nutrients and healthy compounds, it has its fair share of downsides as well. For example, dogs are only allowed to eat it cooked. Raw shrimp is a significant source of listeria and salmonella. These bacteria can be very problematic for a dog, which is why you always want to cook shrimp before you feed it to your pet.

What happens if you feed your dog raw shrimp? Simply put, it will make your dog sick, and you must go to the vet right away. Another thing to keep in mind here, is the fact that shrimp tails and shells are a choking hazard. Some dogs will not have a problem munching through all of that, but some of them will end up choking due to the small tails and shells. They also have a very sharp texture, which can lead to intestine wall perforations. Sometimes they can get stuck inside the digestive tract too, which can be incredibly important to consider.

How Much Shrimp Can a Dog Eat?

Once you know what happens when a dog eats shrimp, it’s a good idea to figure out how much of it will be enough for your pet. Usually, half a cup of shrimp per week will be more than ok for most pets. However, things like your pet’s weight need to be taken into account as well. Even if shrimp has a low amount of calories and fats, it can still be problematic, so it’s essential to tackle it accordingly and ensure that you prevent any possible issues that might arise.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Shrimp?

As we already mentioned, dogs should never eat raw shrimp. It’s not healthy for them because it’s filled with bacteria. That can lead to severe health issues and many different complications. This is why it’s important to cook all the shrimp you want to give to your pet. Plus, the fact that raw shrimp also has tails and other parts that can damage the intestines or even the digestive tract itself is also vital.

Some dogs might be lucky, but countless dogs dealt with severe health problems after eating raw shrimp. Even if it might sound like a good idea, the truth is that you want to prevent feeding your pet raw shrimp. It’s not worth all the potential risks, and you also get to stay away from expensive medical bills as well.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Shrimp?

can dogs eat cooked shrimp

Absolutely, in fact, cooking shrimp is the best way to prepare it for your pet. Does shrimp make dogs sick? Not if your pet eats cooked shrimp, as this removes bacteria from it. Cooking shrimp for your pet is safe, and it will keep your pet safe in the long run. However, you want to avoid cooking it with some additives like garlic. This will end up being a problem, and in the end, it will bring in some significant challenges.

Possible Side Effects If My Dog Eat Shrimp

It’s crucial to learn why shrimp could not be suitable for dogs, and understanding its side effects will help you with that. First, shrimp is known for being high in fat, so that alone can be an issue. On top of that, shrimp is known to cause various allergic reactions as well. Plus, as we mentioned above, shrimp can lead to intestinal blockage, not to say it can bring in choking problems.

Then there’s also the fact that without cooking it properly and feeding it raw, your dog is exposed to nasty bacteria. Handling all these things accordingly is very important, and in the end it will be worth it to understand all the downsides fully.

Can Shrimp Treat Obesity In Dogs?

One of the things to note about shrimp is that it comes with a lot of healthy fats. This is where issues can arise because eating too much shrimp will actually make your dog fatter. So instead of curing obesity, you’re increasing the chances for it to happen to your dog. All the small things matter, especially when it comes to offering your pet’s diet. You shouldn’t see shrimp as a cure for obesity in the case of your pet. It’s just not a good option at all, and it can lead to significant issues in the long run.

Should I Give My Dog Shrimp?

It’s ok to give your dog shrimp, as long as it’s cooked and in relatively small amounts. The last thing you want is for your dog to eat raw shrimp. That’s going to bring in severe health problems, and it’s one of those things you want to avoid as a whole. When you plan on adding something new to your pet’s diet, the best idea is to talk with the vet first. He will know if your pet’s health permits the addition of shrimp to its diet. If you try to do this randomly without any medical knowledge, it can be either hit or missed. You do want to prevent that, so just keep it in mind.

How To Cook And Prepare Shrimp For Dogs?

how to cook shrimp for dogs

It might sound strange, but it’s actually a good idea to buy fresh shrimp that doesn’t have any odors. You can go with frozen shrimp if you want to, but you want to avoid any rips and tears, ice crystals, or anything similar in this case. Upon cooking the shrimp, you want to keep it at an internal temperature of 145 degrees F. You will know when the shrimp is cooked because the flesh is pearly white and relatively opaque. Devein and cook the shrimp, take it out of the shell too. This is the best way to cook food for your pet, and you can serve shrimp without having any worries about your pet and its wellbeing.

Alternatives To Shrimp For Dogs

Of course, you don’t have to prepare shrimp for your pet. There are a variety of alternatives you can choose from. These include things like carrots, apples, homemade puppy treats, or even green-lipped mussels. Salmon and sardines are also known for being great alternatives to shrimp. As you can see, there are all kinds of options to take into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions On Shrimp And Dogs

Q: Can dogs eat shrimp tails?

If you’re wondering, “can dogs eat shrimp tails” you are not alone. A lot of pet owners are interested to know the answer here. But what you need to realize is the fact that shrimp tails have a particular texture. That can lead to internal lesions in your pet. So yes, you don’t want to serve this to your pet. It might not seem like a lot, but the truth is that shrimp tails can be very problematic for your pet. You just want to avoid that as much as possible, and the results will be great in the long run.

Q: Can dogs eat shrimp shells?

Just like shrimp tails, shrimp shells have a very damaging texture for any pet’s internal organs. That’s why you want to avoid having your pet eat any shrimp shells. Remove the shell and tails, then cook the shrimp, and the results will be a whole lot better in the end. That alone can be well worth the effort.

Q: Can dogs eat shrimp tempura?

Yes, cooked shrimp is suitable for dogs. It’s still important to figure out exactly how to cook shrimp properly, which we already covered above. Remember that shrimp tempura is a great recipe for both humans and dogs alike. Ideally, you want to prevent adding too much salt and any garlic because those compounds are harmful for your pet.

Q: Can dogs eat shrimp scampi?

Some pet owners offer shrimp scampi as food, but the truth is that this is not a very good meal for dogs. The reason is that shrimp tails are still attached, and that alone can be a significant problem. As we mentioned earlier, shrimp tails are very pointy, and they can bring in internal damage to your pet, which is why you want to avoid them as much as possible.

Q: Can dogs eat shrimp crackers or chips?

The short answer is no. Chips and crackers are not suitable for a dog, so you might as well want to avoid that as much as you can. Ideally, you want to offer your dog cooked shrimp; that’s how it can get access to all health benefits. Other forms like shrimp chips and crackers are not the best approach.

Q: Can dogs eat shrimp fried rice?

Overall, shrimp fried rice is a safe option for most dogs. However, it’s an excellent idea to talk with the vet and see if rice is right for your dog or not. It should be fine, but in some cases, it can be a problem.

Q: Is shrimp used in some dry dog foods?

Yes, you will encounter shrimp-based dry dog foods, yet these are not overly common. You can offer them to your pet if you want; however, the best way to serve shrimp to dogs is via cooking it. You also need to remove the tail or any other pointed parts. It will help immensely!

Final Thoughts

Is shrimp healthy for dogs? Can dogs have shrimp? Absolutely, but it can also bring in downsides. That’s why you want to talk with the veterinarian and ensure that your pet is very healthy in the long run. There will always be challenges as you prepare the best pet food. This is why you want to know the health benefits of shrimp for dogs before adding it to any recipe. Remember, you should never feed your dog raw shrimp, as it’s unhealthy and it can lead to severe health problems. However, cooked shrimp is excellent in small por, and there is a vast range of recipes you can choose from!

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