Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos? Are Jalapenos Bad For Dogs?

Spicy pepper can make a meal taste delicious, and it adds a flavour that people often like. For that reason, it is not strange that we use jalapenos a lot while we cook. However, the main question that  dog owners have is whether their dog can eat jalapeno peppers, as well? It can be really difficult for pet owners to track which food is beneficial or harmful for dogs. 

Can dogs eat jalapenos? No dogs should not eat jalapenos peppers. It is well known that jalapenos have nutritional value, but not for dogs. The spicy content in these peppers can harm your dog’s gastrointestinal tract because it is sensitive to all the spicy foods, that’s why you should avoid them.

Are jalapenos bad for dogs?

Let’s start with one interesting fact. Jalapeno peppers score an average of 5.000 Scoville Heat Units on the Scoville spice measuring scale. The burning sensation from these peppers comes from capsaicin that spicy food contains. Of course, this is not too hot for humans, especially for those who enjoy the spicy flavour. The question is whether it is too hot for dogs?

Well, while jalapenos are not exactly toxic to dogs, spicy foods can harm their digestive system. It can irritate the dog’s stomach because their digestive systems are not intended to eat spicy food. So if you had a dilemma whether your dog can eat jalapeno peppers, the answer is no, but let’s talk further.

Jalapenos Nutrient and Benefits

Jalapenos are rich in various nutrients, including different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, studies show that there are many benefits from these peppers.  

Vitamins and minerals

Jalapenos contain vitamins A, B6, and C that are very important for the immune system. Many people know that vitamin B6 is especially good for the nerve system. Vitamin A is important for the proper growth and development of bones and teeth. Also, the beta-carotene provides health and good sight. 

Vitamin C stops all virus infections and strengthens the body. Other than this, jalapenos have a big amount of folate, fiber, and manganese. All of this will have a positive impact on physical and mental health.


If you want to improve your dog’s overall health and protect his organism effectively, the antioxidant properties from jalapeno peppers will help you do that. Interestingly, capsaicin has strong anti-cancer qualities, so it can kill over 40 types of cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Natural Pain relief

Jalapenos peppers can soothe and relieve pain by causing an endorphin response and blocking pain receptors. This is a very beneficial effect. However, you need to place it directly on the skin. This does not mean that you should rub the skin with jalapeno peppers because it really burns. If you want the pain-relieving effects of capsaicin, you’ll need to use creams, lotions, or patches that contain that ingredient.

Prevent stomach ulcers

Both dogs and people can develop stomach ulcers, but it is more likely that people suffer from this condition. However, the study shows that eating jalapenos can prevent this health condition. 

The reason for this is smoking, stress, drinking alcohol, and taking too many NSAID pain relievers can cause the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Jalapeno peppers can effectively reduce stomach inflammation of H. pylori and even kill all of the infection. 

In general, the benefits that jalapeno peppers can offer are incredible and valuable for us. However, dogs do not benefit from them, so it is not worth exposing your pet to the risk of having digestive difficulties. 

are jalapenos bad for dogs

Are Jalapenos Safe for dogs to eat?

As we said, jalapenos are not toxic to dogs, but they can cause gastrointestinal troubles that can put your dog in a very uncomfortable situation. A dog’s stomach is delicate, and it can be easily irritated. If your dog ate a jalapeno pepper, you should check him and keep an eye on him. Also, you should provide your dog with plenty of water. 

Will a Jalapeno hurt my dog?

The answer to this question is yes because they are too spicy for dogs. It is always better to gather all information and search every time you are confused about some foods for your dog. In this case, you can save your dog from a painful experience. Remember, all spicy foods can hurt your dog in many different ways. The pepper can burn your dog’s tongue, lips, and the whole digestive system. Your dog will definitely not enjoy this.

What happens if my dog ate jalapenos?

If your dog ate jalapeno pepper (raw or cooked), you could expect that their body will reject that as soon as possible. In other words, potential symptoms that your dog will experience are vomiting or diarrhoea. Either way, your dog will feel ill.

We will mention again, jalapenos are not toxic for dogs, but that food does not suit animals. If your dog ate jalapeno peppers, you could help your dog by giving them canned pumpkin. That will soothe your pet’s stomach and help him feel better.

What you should do if your dog eats jalapenos?

Provide your pup with plenty of water, so he does not become dehydrated. If your furry friend has symptoms and feels sick longer than 48 hours, it would be best to visit the vet. Every pet can react differently, so you should be prepared for all possibilities to help your puppy. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Dogs Eating Jalapenos

Can dogs eat spicy food?

We can conclude that dogs should not eat spicy food. It often happens, that owners out of good intention harm their pet. We believe your dog wants to eat the same food as you, but it is better to skip that scenario. If you have a question like: can my dog eat cooked peppers, will it make a difference? The answer is: No, it would not. Raw or cooked, they are both harmful to your dog.

Can dogs eat Jalapenos Chips?

We are sorry to disappoint you; spicy alternatives are not suitable for your dog either. Cheetos includes a high proportion of artificial flavours, sodium salt, and calories that can cause different health problems. These include breathing issues, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity.

Can dogs eat cooked Jalapenos?

Many owners think mistakenly, that it would be different if you cook the Jalapenos peppers, but unfortunately it will have the same negative impact on your dog.

Can dogs eat Jalapenos Cheetos?

It would be a better option to give your puppy a dog treat, cookie, or some other dog snack instead. One Cheetos would not be harmful to your dog, but there is no nutritional value that your dog can benefit from. You should not risk it and feed your dog with something that can hurt him in the long run.

Can dogs eat Bell Peppers instead? ( A Healthy Alternative)

Many dogs enjoy bell peppers because they are sweet, and it is a perfectly safe option for your pet. Generally, these peppers are considered a very beneficial vegetable for your dog. The colour of pepper does not matter. Green, red, yellow, or orange – they all contain various vitamins and nutrients. Although, the red peppers are considered as most nutritious. 

The vitamins that these peppers contain are similar to the jalapeno pepper, such as vitamin A, E, B6, and C. Other than this, they are a good source of beta-carotene and different antioxidants. All of this will boost your dog’s overall physical and mental health. 

Your dog’s fur will be shiny, his bones will be stronger, and his vision better. Best of all, you can be sure that these peppers are safe and that they will not cause any health issues or stomach illnesses.

It is important to be moderated in everything, so you should give the bell peppers to your dog in the right amounts. You should consider your dog’s size and also the type of his diet when you are deciding how much bell peppers your dog should eat daily. In general, if your dog is small, you can feed him with 1-3 medium slices a day. 

On the other hand, if you have a large dog, you can give him a half or a whole pepper. However, please do not feed your pet with peppers every day because they need variety in their meals. Other than that, you can give bell peppers to your dog as a snack.

In Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos?

While spicy food is not recommended for your dog, there are plenty of fruit and vegetable options that your dog will enjoy and accept. Despite that, many foods that we eat can be nutrients for our furry friends.

 In general, there are other alternatives to give your dogs instead of jalapeno peppers. As you saw, bell peppers in various colours are a perfectly safe alternative for jalapeno peppers. We recommend you to feed them to your dog in a moderate amount. Bell peppers are both beneficial and tasty. 

Check out this article about dogs and bell peppers.


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